An escape room is a new popular gaming trend where people are actually agreeing to be locked in a room! Small groups work together in order to solve their way through a series of puzzling steps, which yield a key or code necessary in escaping the room. A truly unique experience that is taking over the nation, book an experience today using the ‘escape’ code for 10% off!

Gamers & Brainiacs

Like puzzles? Does your over analytical mind process even the most minute of detail? You’re in for a treat! Entrap Games puzzles have been hand crafted and designed by some of our most deviating brilliant minded employees. Go on, put your cognitive skills to the ultimate test!


Visiting Omaha or Wichita looking for fun things to do? Escape games are a unique and fun way to spend an hour! Don’t be frightened, we’ll let you out after your sixty minutes is up… maybe. Do you want to play a game?

Friends & Families

Can’t decide which of you is the smartest? Bring it! Entrap Games puzzles are guaranteed to challenge your mind, and patience, as the clock ticks away to your imminent failure. Is your brain the best amongst the lot? PROVE IT!


Looking for a great Team Building activity? Need a relaxing reward for an excellent sales quarter? Fresh batch of potential managers? We’ve just the thing! Our puzzles will quickly bring forth the brightest penny in the bunch, and everyone will have a blast searching for clues and solving the riddles laid forth. We lock you in a room and make you solve complex problems for an hour so you can go home. Think about it? It’s just like work, but better!

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